Where in the World are our Guests?!?!

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Welcome, World Travelers! Casa de Montaña is pleased to invite you in. If you have stayed with us before, you may remember the large-scale map festively adorned with multicolored pins which greets you from right wall upon entering our reception office.  You may have even added a pin yourself, contributing to the map’s ever-expanding porcupine-like countenance! If you have not yet had the pleasure of being our guest, you may be a little confused and perhaps slightly wary of voodoo activity. No worries… let us explain.

Since Casa de Montaña opened its doors in January 2014, we have encouraged our guests to “make their mark” and designate their place of origin by inserting a pin into its corresponding location on our 8’ wide world map. We have watched in fascination as prick-by-prick, entire countries were overtaken and thin metal shafts claimed lands stretching from one corner of “tierra firma” to the other. Pins popped up in unexpected places: from the Congo in Africa, to Australia’s western shore, to the Middle East… to islands in Malaysia.   We are proud (and humbled) that such a diverse set of world travelers have chosen to include us in their far-reaching explorations. We are truly an international destination! Needless to say, Social Hour – which we host every night and includes a beverage of choice from our selection — takes on a whole other dimension when one has the opportunity to hobnob with folks from entirely different hemispheres.

Now that we are halfway through our second year (where does the time go?) we decided to tally the marks for a better understanding of where our guests are coming from. Counting each little pin head was no small task (don’t ask who ended up with this fun job)… but worth the effort. The result for the Top Ten Countries of Origin of Casa de Montaña Guests are as follows.

Guests Graph


Topping the count with a whopping 44% were local guests from Panama, followed closely by those who voyaged from the United States (37%). This was followed in descending order by guests from Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, Costa Rica, and Spain. The list does not stop there, and we are happy to report that each continent, barring Antarctica, was represented. Perhaps we intuitively paved the way for this eclectic visitor mix when we dreamed up our International-themed breakfast menu.

For those of you who don’t already know, Casa de Montaña offers a unique (and satisfying) breakfast experience that features cuisine from a different part of the world each day.   Therefore, if you stay with us an entire week, you will never eat the same meal twice! It’s like a mini-world-tour for your mouth: Italy on Monday, Pakistan on Tuesday, then off to Belgium on Wednesday, heading to the American-West on Thursday, down to Mexico on Friday, a brief jaunt to France on Saturday, and being treated to a traditional Panamanian-style breakfast on Sunday. (By the way, with prior notice, we are able to cater to special dietary requests.)   What can we say?… We have an international flair. The proof is on our wall, and on your plate!


Of course this global attention should be expected. Boquete, with its Quetzals, world-famous coffee and cool highland climate, is a sought-out destination by locals and far-flung travelers alike. Likewise, Casa de Montaña with its creative breakfasts, comfortable lodging and attentive staff is one of the most popular places to stay in town. Don’t just take our word for it… ask your fellow adventurers. (Both Trip Advisor and Booking.com have presented us with awards for having consistent outstanding reviews!) Or better yet, come visit us and experience Casa de Montaña for yourself. Don’t forget, returning guests are eligible for special discounts. Bon voyage!






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