What is the main focus right now of Boquete’s mayor?

Blog by Terry Richmeier & Andres Lay


This past year we had a new Mayor (Emigdio Walker Vasquez) elected to serve in the office here in Boquete. The Mayor was born in Chiriquí Provence, Panama, and has two sisters. He is a descendant and great grandson of one of the founders of Boquete (Enrique Vazquez) and has lived here all his life. He has studied primary and middle school in Boquete and High School in David. He has a bachelor’s degree in finance and a minor in banking with a specialty in human resources. After all the sacrifice and hard work, he began to lead as the number one public servant in the district and is ready to serve God, The homeland and Boquete. The Mayor Vasquez has a plan and he is a man of action! Since the beginning of his time in office, Vasquez implemented the following:

  • Installation of a donated clock in the park.
  • With a great deal of over costs, the Mayor sought funding from Taiwanese to finish the building and construction of the new fruit and vegetable market. Set to be finished in December.
  • Maintenance and cleaning out of the Caldera River in order to prevent flooding.
  • Sought and received approval for the new multi-million dollar sewage system and aqueduct.
  • Began to create “Green District” by creating a waste treatment plant. He has been working with multiple cities in this venture.
  • He has supported the sports leagues in funding and donating items such as equipment and uniforms.
  • He has donated food for needy families.
  • He has donated 40 new trash bins to be distributed throughout all of Boquete.
  • He has implemented a uniform for employees to wear and for recognition of Municipal workers.
  • He has created training workshops for Municipal employees in a once a month recycling program.



Looking ahead for the upcoming future of Boquete and with the Mayor’s goal of making Boquete a great place to be, Mayor Vasquez has not stopped there. Here are some more items that the Mayor is implementing:

  • He is in the process of implementing a plan for preservation of historic sites in Caldera with the goal of not losing the petroglyphs.
  • A new project called “Techos de Esperanza – Hope for ceilings”. This is a project to build 1500 houses in Chiriquí Province (50 in Boquete) for low income or no income housing.
  • Construction and re-instatement is beginning for a structure of a check-point in Caldera. The original structure is currently in El Frances and construction will begin on a new check-point in the entrance of Caldera. The purpose is to investigate and prevent theft and other crimes.
  • Construction has begun on a paved road in Jaramillo Arriba for homes that do not have access.


Whether or not you know much about him or agree with what he is doing, Mayor Vasquez is out to accomplish change during his time in his position. You can follow what’s happening and comment or ask questions on his facebook page: Alcaldía De Boquete 2014 – 2019 and although it’s all in Spanish, there are many translator programs out there such as Spanishdict.com that you can use to assist you.

Boquete people continue to amaze us in their tenacity and desire to make this town the best that it can be. The Mayor is helping lead and shepherd this cause. At Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast, we are proud to be part of this transformation. We try to volunteer our time in any way we can to help make Boquete a better place for residents and visitors alike. Come and see us sometime!



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