The Artist in us all: Boquete Creative Expressions Group!

Blog by Terry Richmeier

A couple of weeks ago, Casa de Montaña Bed and Breakfast, had an Artists day. We called it the “Creative Expressions Group”. This was a day to take the time out of our busy schedules and sit with your thoughts and create!  We invited some of our closest friends. They ALL came!

There were so many different forms of art represented! Some of us used Chalk Pastels; others used just a pencil and paper. Some used newspaper dipped in flour and water and still others insisted that they had no talent and created the finest edible food art known to Boquete, Panama! Others created live plant art and even some brought a book to read and instead helped create in a group setting! You would have been impressed by those creating different foods, appetizers and snacks from beyond the windows to the open kitchen!

The time went so fast and the project produced an amazing set of art work!


I myself, having minimal talent, was able to produce a wonderful 1960’s mid-century piece of art that looks amazingly just like a 4th grader! In which, I gave to a special friend, told her she could have it for her refrigerator but to tell everyone, “it’s from my 4 year old grandchild”. Then set out to create a piece of art that started to look like something of the hole that Alice fell into in the book “Alice in Wonderland”! I was completely successful in the cover-up! The new artwork became an amazing psychedelic 1960’s flower power paper! My theme, “Stuck in the 60’s again”!

Several years back, Manzar took a journey in art through the book called, “The Artists Way”, by, Julia Cameron, the book took him on little mini retreats to discover the artist that is within you. Years later, Manzar’s artist is still trapped and silent. (My little joke) Ok, that’s not true; he has been creating a great deal of artwork and is very inspiring!  After all, the difference between garbage and art is the eye of the viewer. Someday, we will display his creations on our walls! Seriously!

That’s not all, there was so much more art that we have not tapped into that day, art such as, art classes in water color, cement sculpturing, martial arts, and turning old junk into usable and yard worthy art, just to name a few.

A friend took an old iron, tore it apart, threw some other medal on it and created this “Fragile Rock” type looking creature. It is well sought after! Well, at least by me! I’m going to get it from him somehow!

And this is just a small, single day in creativity! Boquete, Panama is full of inspiration, affirmation and relaxation in order for you to be creative. Bring your art supplies and come and stay with us, get inspired and create!


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