Surrendering the Stray Dogs

Ok, so, when we first purchased the property, we stood on the land for a good long time, the very first thing that I noticed was a stray dog walking across the sidewalk in front of our home, lifting his leg and marking the rock in front of the original driveway. I knew right away that there were blessings going to happening for this land.

Although it took a couple of years to get the Architect drawings, money, permits and all that was needed to begin construction, we finally were under way.

Unfortunately, we were still in the US and had to remain working during the construction. I wanted to be there from the beginning; however, it was not in the cards for that. So, we spoke to our builder on Skype every Friday and were sent pictures of the progress that same Friday every week.

Stray DogsI noticed right away in the pictures that there were two young dogs, one a German Shepherd and the other a mixed dog. They were playing in the rocks and the cement mix.

Then the next week, I noticed that they were following the construction workers around. This went on and on. In each week’s pictures, they both were there.

During our twenty sixth week, we made a trip down to Boquete and again, the dogs were there. We stepped onto our property and both dogs came to greet us with loud barking! “What are you doing on our property” seemed to be what they were barking.

Then again, in week 40, we had to head down again. Of course, the same thing happened. We had to get permission from the dogs to get onto our own property. Once we were allowed into our house, the dogs were friendly as can be. As if they were showing us around their home. I noticed that the German Shepherd was limping around and our neighbor let us know that he (the German Shepherd) stepped on a nail and injured his foot. My heart sank.

Manzar and I know that we cannot take care of these two dogs and run a clean bed and breakfast. We know that they have never been trained as inside dogs. We are getting to the point that they are going to have to be re-located before the finishing’s and the tile go in. Although we’ve purchased food for them and gave it to our neighbors to feed them, we also know that these dogs are finding food on their own.

It is my hope here, with this Blog, to find out a safe, proper and positive way of re-locating these two wonderful animals. Anyone have any ideas?


Stray dog in the house!

Update #1: Our neighbor is working on the construction of our home. He is currently taking care of the two dogs by feeding them and giving them water. A couple of months back, the German Shepherd had stepped on a nail in the cement and is limping from it. The neighbor has been working with the wound to heal it as best he can without the ability to take the dog to the vet. The German Shepherd seems to be happy and energetic at this point so that a great thing so far. It’s been very exciting to know that they are there for the dogs, but they still need a forever home!

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