Is it safe for women to travel alone around Panama?

Debra at canal

What is it like traveling alone as a women? That is a question I get asked every time I set out on an adventure. I understand for some women it would be something they would never think of doing alone for many reasons.
What always comes to mind first is will I be safe. Of course important to think about when traveling by yourself. Here are a few things I try and remember:
– Always keep a local map with you and make sure you familiarize yourself with it before leaving your hotel…most hotels offer a free map of the area
– When out at night it’s wise to take a taxi back to your hotel. Here in Boquete its costs just a few dollars
– Remember alcohol will dull the senses so do not overdue it
– Never leave with people you just met no matter how sweet and nice they appear
– I also send a quick email back home to a family member with information of where I am staying It takes only a few seconds but important for the people on the other end as well
– Know how to handle yourself in the case of unwanted attention, and that usually will happen

Debra in Casco ViejoNow about eating out alone in a restaurant. The first few times you experience it may seem a little strange. What I do is bring my ipad or a guide book so that I have something to keep me occupied. What I liked about eating out in Ecuador was that if you are alone at a table for 4, other people will come and sit with you. It’s just how they do it there and I enjoyed that. I have met some wonderful people that way and now I am not shy to do the same. Remember to be respectful of the people and customs of the country you are visiting, you are a guest in that country and so behave as one.

Also I found that staying in a B&B’s makes me feel safer and like I have a temporary home away from home. There is always someone around with useful information about the area and you don’t have to eat breakfast alone…bonus!!
Another helpful idea before you leave home is to spend time researching where your off to especially if you have limited time and want to make sure you see the things that are important to you. Book tours in advance so you won’t miss out. Also be aware of the country currency (it may surprise some people but the American dollar is not the worlds currency) and the availability of ATM machines. I never try to carry much cash and I do use ATM machines and have yet to have an issue with them.

Debra in Bocas del TorroWe here at Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast welcome single travels. We know that you will feel at home and safe during your stay with us. We are happy to assist you in booking tours or giving you information about the area so you see all there is to offer.

Lastly remember it is ok to travel alone. There is not a thing wrong with it and does not mean you’re a failure in any way. People travel alone every day all around the world. Please do not let fear keep you from exploring, it’s your choice. I guarantee you will feel proud of yourself after your first adventure alone and each time you will be more comfortable and gain more confidence. I have been traveling alone to almost every province in Panama and can say with certainty  this is one friendly and safe country to spend time exploring.

Debra Boquete
There is a big beautiful world out there just waiting for you to discover. So go get started making some priceless memories today!

Remember, when traveling through Panama don’t forget to stay with us at Casa De Montaña Bed & Breakfast in beautiful Boquete.

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