Getting and staying in Shape – Boquete style!

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Some of you may take one look at me and think, “he’s not in shape”, why would he be talking about being in shape?” Well, I’m here to tell you that I AM in shape and here is why.

When we arrived in Boquete, Panama a year ago we thought that we had better look at some kind of exercise course or place to work out so we can get back into shape before we opened Casa de Montaña Bed and Breakfast. So we began to look throughout this quaint town. We found that there are several clubs to join. There is a gym dedicated to weights and treadmills on the second level of the San Francisco plaza building in Alto Boquete that is fairly inexpensive and carries a month to month membership. Also, there is one right by the Boquete library and there they include classes of salsa dancing and Zumba. Again, just a small fee every time you use it. There were plenty of other gyms for pumping iron and working on the tri’s and the bi’s and glutes and such! Although we knew that Manzar would be ok running for hours on a treadmill or walking on the elliptical trainer, I also knewthat because of my weight (and my attention span!), I was not going to do well running in place – looking at the four walls and other people who are in much better shape than myself is not my cup-of-tea! I needed a pool of water and a Jacuzzi afterwards for when I am exhausted after my thirty minutes in the water.

As we researched some more, we found out about the fitness center in Valle Escondido resort. It is fully loaded with machines, weights, swimming pool, steam room, sauna, and has a racquetball court as well. Along with a golf course and massage studio. I was in love, unfortunately our budget said no! Valle Escondido is a gated community that has several yearly and monthly fees involved and although a great place, just not in our budget.

Soon thereafter we discovered “The Haven” with similar facilities at a cost that we could afford. We signed up! The Haven also has classes in yoga and offers massages as well. We signed up for a three month deal. We found ourselves using the gym a little less each day as we opened our doors and began to have guests. We decided we had better not continue if we are not going to go as much (we have signed up again for three months as the slow season started and we had more time.)

Suddenly we discovered that all we needed to do was to walk the 15 minute walk to downtown and walk back up the 20-25 minute uphill climb to our house. With each day showing a beautiful sunny morning, it was the perfect time to do this. I was soon able to walk right past two bakeries and not stop for a donut or a snack that I felt was due me for my decision to walk and exercise!

There are certainly alternatives to joining a gym in the Boquete area. These other options are hiking groups with mild, medium and difficult hikes. Something for everyone. There are Zumba and Kettle Bells classes, also yoga and Thai massage, regular massage and facials, chiropractors and botanicals, you name it. If you want healthy, you can get “healthy”!

Within the last couple of weeks, we have begun to look at the value of our food and have decided to watch what we eat. With so many restaurants available here in Boquete, Panama, we are looking at healthier choices. There are a variety of nurses, nutritionists, and botanists located in Boquete. Healthy eating is as easy as taking the time to learn what to eat and how much! Visit the organic farms and buy the healthy alternatives.

Recently, Casa de Montaña hosted a “Be Wildly Happy!” workshop. Manzar and I both attended the workshop. With some newly formed friends here in Boquete, it was an intimate gathering. We have discovered how truly happy and blessed we are! The workshop was intense and well worth the effort we all put into it. Being mentally and spiritually healthy is as important as being physically healthy.

Here are some of the gyms where you can work out in Boquete: S & J Fit Gym Puro Cardio, Curvas Bonitas, The Haven Spa, B-Fit Boquete Sports Club, Spinning & Esthetic Center, Valle Escondido Fitness Center, and more.

We have only begun to learn about all that is available to us living here in Boquete, Panama! So, to say are we “in shape” depends on how one defines the term. We are happy, healthy, and working every day to share our enthusiasm and joy with all those around us and when you come down to see us, you will hopefully find yourself “Wildly Happy!”

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