Fall or Spring Equinox?

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We are headed toward the Equinox – when the earth is neither tilted toward or away from the sun. It is an interesting time of the year because the day light and night time both equal 12 hours at the Equator. As for us in Boquete, Panama, since we are almost on the Equator, during the actual Equinox, you don’t cast a shadow during the noon hour!  Wow!  So, we were wondering if this is the Fall (Autumnal) or the Spring (Vernal) Equinox since Panama is so close to the Equator?  We looked into it some more. Panama is actually 8 degrees above the Equator which would mean that the September Equinox is actually the Fall or Autumnal Equinox. Mystery solved? You decide!   Here is an interesting link we found that might help…

Link: Equinox Date & Time…solved?

What do you think?

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