Encaustic Art by Robyn Cole – On display at Casa de Montaña!

Blog by Manzar Lari


We met Robyn shortly after we moved to Boquete. What a bundle of energy, talent and inspiration, all rolled into one person!?! Robyn’s journey as an artist started early in her life in California. She pursued her passion for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UCLA with an emphasis on graphic design. As a young adult Robyn was not sure whether she could make a living as an artist – she let those voices of self-doubt convince her to not pursue her goals with the gusto that we so enjoy about her in the present day. Robyn shared with us that instead she decided to take the corporate path by working for advertising agencies in marketing and graphic design. While she had some flexibility in those positions to be creative, the artist in her always wanted something more! Robyn also had an art studio at home where she did craft and interior design projects – she still didn’t allow herself to go full speed ahead.

The big changes in Robyn’s life happened when she retired early and moved with her husband John from California to Boquete. Maybe it was the beauty of her surroundings or just the mere fact that Robyn finally had time to re-invent herself that she allowed her desires to come out – to be the type of artist that she always yearned to be! About 2.5 years ago Robyn taught herself “Encaustic Art”, the word encaustic is a derivative of “Encaustikos” from Greek meaning “to burn in”. She uses pharmaceutical grade beeswax and damar resin as part of the encaustic process. Robyn explains that “Medium is to Encaustic as Water is to Watercolor”. Wow, we learned something new as Robyn shared all this wealth of knowledge with us! She is truly passionate about her work and why shouldn’t she be?! Recently she has received a lot of recognition for her Encaustic Art pieces. She won first place in a juried art show for her painting called “Authentic Lives”. This piece happens to be her favorite work of art to date.

We asked Robyn about the process she goes through prior to creating each work of art. She may find an inspirational object that really appeals to her. That is her starting point. Robyn’s vision develops as she starts working on her piece. The process can take her just about anywhere. The name for her piece comes to her as the piece starts to take shape. From end-to-end each piece of art may take her about 1.0 to 1.5 days to finish. Robyn is currently working on some commission pieces for Boquete residents and a couple of pieces for someone in Panama City.

We are truly honored to display some of her artwork here at Casa de Montaña. Her artwork is up for sale and is reasonably priced. Come over and check it out!

Here are some photos of Robyn’s artwork from our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.497307823712396.1073741849.398029813640198&type=1

Robyn’s website: http://www.robyncoleartworks.com/


  1. Aw, shucks boy, tweren’t nothin’! Seriously, thank you for letting me be a small part of your success here in Boquete and at Casa de Montaña!

  2. robyn is a wonderful artist, inspiration & friend. i own several of her pieces & am madly in love with her creativity.

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