Casa de Montaña – Shopping for groceries and household goods in Panama

Blog by Terry Richmeier

So, to bring you the cleanest rooms, the finest breakfast and the most relaxing time, we shop all over Chiriqui, Panama, for the best quality, price and product!

Starting with breakfast, we shop the local markets! From the farmers market downtown with local fruits and vegetables, to the “Tuesday Market” for those harder-to-find items.

Periodically, we head to “Organica” here in Boquete downtown (Bajo Boquete) for Gluten Free products, sprouted grain bread and other natural/organic products.












But we don’t stop there! Weekly we run into the city of David where we will go to PriceSmart, (Our equivalent of Costco), Super 99 and Rey (Our equivalent of Krogers) and then onto Super Baru and Song (Our equivalent of SuperValue).





And we are always looking around for more places for savings and quality. We recently discovered a brand new store opening 1 month from now. It is called “Xtra”(equivalent to Aldi only in price) which is guaranteed to be the best cost value in all of Panama. Panama City already has some of these stores. We are excited to check it out when it opens!

Also due to open in David is a new mall called “Federal mall”. Not sure when it will be finished. It will have many specialty stores and a food court with all the favorite restaurants. Also, it is expected to house a new bus station for travel throughout all of Panama!

Here at the Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast we continue to look for the best! From buying bar glasses at Conway or Novey, to buying furniture and room equipment from Panafoto and Arrocha for your comfort!

We also try to stay on top of all the latest information, from new stores opening to newly listed homes, properties and businesses on the market. This way, we can make suggestions and get you connected in our community. Interested in a purchase, take a look at our “Relocation” page.





Talking about new, here in Boquete, Panama, a brand new Deli Baru will be opening soon which will provide competition for two of the other grocery stores, Romero and Mandarin.

Also new is the school, just finished and blessed by President Varela, that opened one month ago.

And a few months back, the new Boquete Brewing Company pub opened across the street from the original location. We think that it is not only bigger but better than the other one! It is a great place to hang out, people watch and even listen to some live music. Don’t forget to order your food from the limited menu offered by the Food Truck that is parked outside!

Want to check out these stores and more, come and stay with us and we will get you on your way to shopping and visiting some new and interesting businesses!

As more changes happen, we will keep you updated as we find out. See you soon!



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