Can the small mouth be any more beautiful?

Pic 2 We wanted to do a little exploration for our guests of areas, Pacific beaches and resorts close to Boquete. Why not try Boca Chica!?   One can either take a day trip (1.5 hours each way) or possibly stay overnight. This is just one of the most exceptional places in Panama. Boca Chica literally means “Small Mouth”. Here is a youtube video we found that shows the beauty of the area and the various attractions:

Like Boquete, which means “Gap, Hole or a Narrow Entrance”, Boca Chica has the most beautiful scenery. During this trip, we learned that there are “cabs” or water taxis that can take you to many of these most exquisite Islands or even on a Whale and Dolphin Watching excursion. September is the time of the year to do just that. During this time of migration, you have a really good chance of seeing and snapping a picture of these incredible sea creatures. Although we did not get a chance to head out on the water (we arrived a little too late to hit up a “cab”), we did find out that you can book these cabs through 1and other, right on the shore, resorts. We chose to eat (a delicious) lunch at Seagullcove Lodge and then ventured down to the ocean shore where we walked out on the pier to the bar that sits on the posts right out in the water. Although there are several other beach resorts located in this area, this is the one that we chose for the view, food and drinks! Make sure you check them out. You may decide to stay in one of their casitas that run up and down the side of the hill. Make your reservations early … they are usually full up!

Boca Chica is a place that we will be coming back to time and time again! But next time we will plan ahead and bring our family and friends for a short side trip and check out the beaches on some of the islands. You never know, maybe some of the dolphins will escort us to some beautiful hidden coves somewhere?!Pic 3

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