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This page is dedicated to those of you who are looking to make a change in your life by moving to Boquete or the surrounding locations. Boquete not only has the best climate in the world (our opinion!) but there are many other benefits of being here – lower cost of living, close to a larger city, active expat community, U.S. dollar as the official currency, excellent coffee, fresh produce, low crime rate and several residency visa options, etc.

On this page, we have tried to pull together information, web-links to blogs and resources that a future “expat” could use when they are starting the search for their little piece of paradise! Unless it is specifically stated, please don’t consider any of the following information as an endorsement by Casa de Montaña. Please use the information provided to draw your own conclusions.

Boquete living:

Best places in the world to retire:



Legal Services:

As part of moving to Panama, one has to figure out ways to legally live here. If you have questions about types of resident visas, requirements to obtain legal residency, opening a business or real estate law, we have used Monica Isaza as our personal attorney for the past few years. She has helped with our business and has made my residency process very easy. She was even a witness at our wedding. If you would like to learn more please give her a call at either (507) 774-8814 or on her Cell at (507) 6206-3486.


Insurance Services:

If you are looking for information and insurance coverage such as property, content and liability insurance or health insurance:

Keep It Simple

Irma Castillo

Office Phone: 730-5263 / 730-5960

Cellphone: 6716-2843



Accounting Services:

Do you have questions about accounting and taxes if planning on conducting business while living in Panama?

Gilberto Cardoze – Phone: 507-774-1687. Email:



Boquete Climate blog: This site has current weather information for the Boquete area as well as the current year data by month. Historical data about monthly temperatures – highs and lows, rainfall data and historical climate data as well as earthquake and satellite information are also available here.

Expat Blogs: These blogs are full of information, personal opinions, and life as seen through the eyes of the expats who are living here. Check these out under Casa de Montaña “Useful Links”:

See you soon at Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast!

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