Boquete continues to be a relocation destination for expats!

Blog by Manzar Lari

The other day I was talking to some friends about the people from all over the world who stay at Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast. Many of them are looking for a new adventure or a retirement destination and are drawn to the Boquete area because of its beauty, spring-like climate, welcoming people and stable Panama government, easy visa requirements, among other reasons. Yes Boquete (and Panama in general) has it’s challenges and transitioning and settling here from different parts of the world can be a bit difficult for most people but the rewards far outweigh the inconveniences.

Just like any other town anywhere in the world, Boquete is trying to adjust to the influx of people by upgrading its infrastructure downtown and nearby areas. This has created some stress for the residents and people have been voicing their concerns. While it is true that things take longer in Panama, we are glad that there is funding allocated by the government to improve the water distribution system of the downtown and the nearby communities.

Home construction is on the rise again in the past 2 years. New homes and businesses are popping up along the Boquete-David road. Several new homes are being built in the gated communities (such as Los Molinos and Boquete Canyon Village). Home construction on private land is also on the rise. Many people are opting to either buy existing homes or constructing their own homes in Boquete and nearby towns. We can definitely feel the difference from two-three years ago to now. While the rental demand stays strong, home ownership is now being considered as the first option by many people moving here. People with pets tend to prefer this option since it is more difficult to find a rental home where the owners allow pets. There are many realtors in town and “For Sale By Owners” is also a great option.

We looked into the tourism and relocation trends of Panama and this is what we found. In 2016 the overall tourism to Panama increased by 7-8% over the previous year. The general trends have varied between 5-8% (increase) in tourism each year over the previous year. The overall tourist spending has also increased each over, generally 4-5%.  Proportionately, the relocation numbers continue to rise, especially to Coronado and Boquete areas.

Many of our recent guests are concerned about the political or other conditions in their own countries and have either moved to Boquete area recently or are contemplating a move in the near future. We routinely receive emails from our former guests regarding Boquete (and Panama) and we do our best to respond to them with information or get them connected to different resources. My Boquete Overview Tour (designed for people who are contemplating a move to Panama) and the Boquete Scenic Tour (designed for people who would like to experience the beauty of the area), continue to be popular tours with our Casa de Montaña guests and others visiting Boquete. Please come and stay at Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast  and we will do our best to make your experience a memorable one!


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