Breakfast at Casa de Montaña

Not all heroes wear capes! It has come to our attention that past guests have been requesting more than 1 choice for breakfast. For that reason, starting June 1st, 2018 we will be expanding our breakfast menu selections to 5 or more different choices every day.

Starting June 1st, 2018 brand new breakfast menu:

Vegetarian Omelet with Toast 


Pancakes              Plain, Banana, Pineapple or Strawberry                           

Huevos Rancheros  2 Eggs covered in Salsa and melted Cheddar Cheese and Toast


French Toast     


Egg Burrito     With Melted Cheddar Cheese and Pico de Gallo Sauce

2 Birds in a Nest   2 Fried Eggs On Top of a Nest of Hash Brown Potatoes


WAFFLE Plain with a Serving of Mixed Fruits                      

The culinary arts can be a taxing item for most owners of a bed and breakfast. For us, we honestly love to celebrate each day by breaking bread, sharing stories and welcoming in the day! When you have a desire to travel to other countries, then you also have a desire to experience another culture and their foods. The idea of the “International Breakfast” came out of this desire.

We have put together breakfast plates that are inspired by countries from around the world. Each day of the week has a different breakfast so if you stay a whole week, you will experience the seven different meals!  Here are the current breakfast selections:


Jane's Breakfast

Jane’s Italian Breakfast – This heart healthy breakfast includes an egg bake with spinach, mushrooms, feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. A side of cranberry maple muffin and fresh fruit complete this breakfast plate.


Rakshi's Breakfast

Rakshi’s Nashta Breakfast – Brought to you directly from the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, this breakfast is a popular choice of the locals of Karachi. The breakfast plate includes “puri” (puffed and deep fried flat bread), “chana masala” (garbanzo beans dish) and “kalonji potatoes” (potatoes with onion seeds and tomatoes). Yummy!


Waffle Breakfast

Belgium Waffle Breakfast – No breakfast menu would be complete without the Belgium waffle! We have selected a recipe that has a hint of cinnamon to round out the flavors. Hash browns, eggs, and fresh yogurt complete this plate.


Terry's Breakfast

Terry’s American Western Omelet – This is Terry’s version of Denver Omelet without the ham! Diced tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and cheese blend together in special proportions to make this a great omelet. Western hash browns, toast and fresh fruit complete this plate.



Mexican Quesadilla Breakfast – Flour tortillas layered with Mexican spiced scrambled eggs, re-fried beans, fiesta Mexican cheese, onions, salsa and then grilled to a crispy golden brown. This delicious breakfast really delivers! Enjoy it with sour cream, salsa, spicy potatoes and fresh fruit on the side.


Crepes Breakfast

French Crepes Breakfast – Delicious French Crepes with a blend of fruit and cream cheese filling burst with subtle flavors in every bite! Sides of fresh fruit and French egg & mushroom scramble complete this plate.


Nuevo Desayuno Pana

Panamanian Combo Breakfast – While visiting Boquete, eat like a Panamanian! This combo breakfast plate includes Hojaldra (Panamanian fried bread), fried egg as well as a medley of sliced green and red bell peppers
and sweet onions with our special spices. Great way to end your weekend with a hearty meal!

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