Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats are on hold at this time (May 11, 2018).

Thank you!

If you have an interest in setting up a wellness retreat for your group, we would like to hear from you!

We can accommodate up to a group of 12-15 individuals at a time for a retreat. We can negotiate a flat rate per person for your entire stay based on your group’s needs for food, recreation, space for group activities and tours. Since we are located within walking distance from the heart of Boquete downtown, renting a vehicle is not necessary. Most tours will pick you up right from our home!

In addition, one-on-one telephonic life coaching is available to anyone around the world who is interested in identifying their passion, fine-tuning their goals and living the life they have always wanted to live!

Check out the A World of Possibilities Coaching website for more information: http://aworldofpossibilitiescoaching.com/index.php

Get Out of Your Own Way!

Casa de Montaña is hosting the following workshop in October. We are really excited about being able to schedule presenters of such high caliber who have agreed to come down to Boquete from the Twin Cities and Chicago to help you “Get out of your own way!”. This event promises to be a transformative experience.
 Workshop Flyer Final 2

Rites of Passage Workshop at Casa de Montaña   

We recently hosted this workshop by Wilbert Alix. It was well-attended and the participants felt truly inspired!

WILBERT ALIX“Happiness in life is not achieved by finding the right answers but rather by asking deep and meaningful questions.” in Boquete

Wilbert Alix explores the contemporary application of shamanic healing rituals. His work involves the blending of modern science and principles of mysticism into applicable new technologies that benefit and improve our approaches to ecology, psychotherapy, education and resolving cultural conflicts. His work with Trance Dance and Rites of Passage has introduced thousands to the mysteries that lay within shamanism.

For listing of all the Boquete events click on the following website:

For additional information about Wibert Alix’s work check out the main website:
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