Our Staff

Manzar & Terry


Otero: Housekeeping & Maintenance

Our Staff: OteroOtero knew right from the beginning that he wanted be part of the team at Casa de Montaña. He had been working on the construction of Casa de Montaña and found that he wanted to make a change in his career. Otero walked up to Manzar and Terry as they were finishing up their lunch at a restaurant in Boquete. He handed us his resume in Spanish and English. Terry knew right there that he wanted Otero as part of the team. Otero has undoubtedly been instrumental in getting Casa de Montaña open. His knowledge of the Municipalities and the proper contacts for any of the needs of Casa de Montaña make him invaluable!

Otero was born and raised in Panama City Panama and resides in Boquete with his wife and children. They are the most important part of his life. Otero’s oldest daughter is in her first year at the University. Otero is easy going and easy to talk with. He would love to see Puerto Rico someday and looks to the future to buy a car. Otero’s cause is to help out the orphanage located close to Boquete. Otero loves working for Casa de Montaña as he gets to meet people from all over the world!

Otero joyously accepted a new position with a local company that allowed him the ability to spend more time with his family and a brand new grandchild. We will miss him but do understand that family comes first and the new position is a better fit for him at this time.

Andres: Office Assistant

Our Staff: AndresAndres came to us through his Aunt, who delivers flower arrangements to us on a weekly basis. Born in David, Panama and raised in Boquete, Andres is the newest member of our team. He has joined us at a part-time office staff and has been very helpful as he is fluent in English, Spanish and Korean.

Andres has been able to help Terry and Manzar as well as Otero and Veronica with communication. He has been able to create an atmosphere that all of us can feel a lot less frustrated with our lack of Spanish and English words. Andres has a gentle and hardworking spirit. He has been able to translate much of our material into bilingual material. He is a very big part of our success!

A couple of years ago, Andres had the good fortune to attend a University in the United States and play soccer there. Andres has been gifted with many talents, from being multilingual to music and sports. Someday he would like to go to Italy and is currently in university studying business. He loves Boquete for the climate and the people here. Andres also has a passion for the local orphanage and would love to see poverty abolished.

Veronica: Housekeeping

Our Staff: VeronicaVeronica came to Casa de Montaña through her brother in law who was the supervisor of the construction of our home! It is through Veronica that Casa de Montaña IS a home. She has a strong moral compass and has placed a woman’s touch into a home of mostly men. Veronica has a great deal of experience working in the hotel and bed & breakfast field. Veronica, for all practical purposes, actually keeps Casa de Montaña operating. She has taught Manzar and Terry many proper ways of streamlining our processes. Veronica makes the best “Hojaldra” (Panamanian fried bread) we have ever tasted! When you are here with us, make sure you try some.

Veronica was born and raised in Boquete. Her passion in life is her children and she loves the climate here as it is just as soft and gentle as her spirit. Veronica loves to dance and is quite good at it. Someday Veronica would love to see Brazil and, just like Otero, and Andres feels strongly about giving to the local orphanage. She is a real pleasure to have on our team!

Ricardo: Security

Our Staff: RicardoRicardo was born and raised in the Palmira area of Boquete, and came to work for Casa de Montaña through a recommendation from a friend. He is proud to work for Casa de Montaña during the evenings and overnight and is available for any of your night time needs. Ricardo keeps our grounds looking great by maintaining the grounds during the evening and continues to watch for any outside activities during the night. Stop by and talk to him about his thoughts on gardening and cooking. These are two of his favorite topics.

Ricardo loves living in Boquete because of the weather and the people here. He is a descendant of one of the first guys who arrived in Boquete. Ricardo has a gentle natured personality. This shows through in his desire for wildlife preservation and his strong service to God. He also donates time to the foundation Amigos de Boquete (Friends of Boquete helping children).

Ricardo has a desire to visit Bocas del Toro, Mexico and Acapulco.  We love having Ricardo on our team. Don’t hesitate to meet him in the evenings while you are staying at Casa de Montaña.

Nicolas – Housekeeping

At Casa de Montaña, we are fortunate to have Nicolas come on board in May 2014. Nicolas was born in the town of Tolé and raised in Bouqete. Nicolas came to us highly recommended through Veronica as they have worked together in the past. Both Nicolas and Veronica work quietly and expediently whether alone or together. Nicolas dearly loves the weather here in Boquete and finds the town to be a tranquil town. Nicolas is striving to reach for better things in life such as building a house and opening a bank account. His kids are his passion in life. It’s very important to Nicolas that all of them get their studies and schooling done. Nicolas would love to someday open his own business as he has always wanted to manage a business of his own. He is an amazingly hard worker and is honest as the day is long. Nicolas would love to see the world and travel to many countries. His desire to help handicap people is admirable and he volunteers at local non-profit agencies that help others in need. Nicolas enjoys his work here with us at Casa de Montaña and looks forward to seeing you and taking care of you while you are in Boquete.

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