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About Your Hosts

We are both from very different backgrounds – a blend of east and west!  We bring to you our unique experiences, our diverse upbringing, a passion for foods from all over the world, and a desire to make every effort to make your stay at Casa de Montaña a memorable experience!

ManzarManzar was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, and moved to the Midwest (Wisconsin, Michigan and eventually Minnesota) as a young adult. Manzar has worked as a Psychologist and a Life Coach for the last 25 years and is a co-owner of a Psychology and Life Coaching practice with a focus on Positive Psychology.  After over three decades in the United States, Manzar was ready for a new adventure – a new culture, a new language and a chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds. “It is so exciting to meet and learn from other people, their world views and their adventures. I am ready to embrace it all!” Manzar has followed his passion to open a Bed & Breakfast in a location that has been seen by many as nothing short of idyllic!  Manzar has tried to provide a relaxing place, a venue for you to meet others from around the world and to consider “our home as your home during your stay”.  Manzar is also open to working with you in setting up week-long (or longer)  “Wellness Retreat” if a group of people want to come down and would like to set up a specific event. “The possibilities are endless … we can do anything if we follow our passion and take the first step!”

TerryTerry was born to a German American family in Littleton, Colorado, and lived the first four decades of his life in Westminster, Colorado. About every 5 years of service at a company, Terry gets an itch to try something new. Before now, he has never felt that he is doing what his heart desires. Terry has always said he is a people person and enjoys small groups of diverse people. He finds their stories exciting, thrilling, and sometimes difficult to listen to. Terry is a real heart centered person and can understand struggles that people have gone through. He has great empathy for animals as well. Terry finds it heartbreaking to watch an animal struggle – “We need to care for ALL God’s creatures!”

When Terry met up with his partner Manzar, he was at the end of that 5 year, “I need a life changing experience” once again. Terry moved out of Colorado for the first time and began a new journey in Minneapolis, MN. There, in Minneapolis, he found a diverse population that included cultures he was not exposed to in Colorado. This brought joy to him as he created new friendships and began a new career in administrative roles at a major medical/behavioral company.

Terry is now the partner in a corporation of “a world of possibilities coaching” along with Manzar.  The two of them have expanded from this Psychology and Life Coaching  business to building a Bed & Breakfast, a home that is designed with you in mind.

“The goal here is to give you what you need while you are taking time away from work – whether that is relaxing or sightseeing. We want to be a part of the most precious time of your life. We know that vacations and holidays do not come frequent enough, so when you come and spend your vacations with us, we will make both your breakfast and your bed! We are confident that you will have the best time ever!”

Manzar & Terry

Terry and Manzar are looking forward to meeting and getting acquainted with you and serving you. “Just give us a call and we can help take the worry out of your planning!”

Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast, 1 Year Anniversary!!!


Our Mission

We are committed to creating a space where all the comforts of home are available to you – your own sanctuary!  A place where you can get away from the stressors of your daily life.  Where you can laze around and read a book, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and breakfast in the morning and share in the laughter and conversation with others. A place where you can enjoy your solitude, meet up with old friends or create new ones. You can use our bed & breakfast as a home base to explore all the beauty and activities that Boquete has to offer. We would like your stay to be a memorable experience, where you feel rested, rejuvenated and keep coming back to create more memories.

Our Staff

Pamela: Assistant Manager


Pamela is from Panama City. When she was a young girl the city was a calm and it felt like it was just a small town. Pamela’s parents came from Lima, Peru, so she is both Peruvian and Panamanian. She has incorporated the best of both countries!

Pamela came to Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast through a friend referral. She was looking for a place that she could have fun and enjoy her day while she is working. She is happy to be on board.

Pamela feels that Boquete offers a variety of different kinds of adventures. “If you want a calm restaurant, you will find a good place here in town. Or if you want an outdoor adventure, you can take a hike, or a canopy tour, or even a river rafting tour. There is a diverse population in Boquete with many different cultures of people.”

Pamela has a degree in Theater so she is planning to direct a few plays in Boquete and teach dramatic arts. She wants to visit the Great Wall of China and finish the two novels she is writing.

Pamela’s passion in life is eating chocolate and drinking wine (not necessarily at the same time!) and helping people. To explain the last point, she wanted to share with you an Ubuntu concept, this word come from Africa and it means “humanity towards others”. “The belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”. Or another way to explain it, “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

Pamela talents are many, however, picking just one, she seeks and never gives up on the best way to resolve any kind of problems or situation. She is a creative person that enjoys company of others and at the same time enjoys her alone time.

Pamela would love to travel in the future. She desires to visit the Amazon, Luxor, Cadbury World and a list of places that are endless. You will have to ask her when you see her!

Children are the future and sometime society forgets them.  Teaching drama gives Pamela the opportunity to try to give the children a tool to enhance their lives.

Pamela wants you, our guests, to feel at home. To never give you  “no” for an answer and to find alternative solutions. She will give you her best and help you with any requests you may have. She loves being back in Panama and she hopes that you love being in Panama too!

Please don’t hesitate to talk with Pamela while staying with us at Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast. For all of you “theatrical performers”, you will find a kindred spirit in this amazing and joyous lady!

Anna: Kitchen Staff

Anna Leiva was born in David and raised in Boquete. She heard from a friend that Casa de Montana needed a new staff, that’s why she decided to bring her resume to us. We are so glad she did! What she loves the most about Boquete is the weather. One of her main goals is to finish her college degree in Business. Her passion in life are cats and she tries to spend as much time as she can around them and taking care of them. Anna also loves to sing. Anna likes to work and keep herself busy. She is responsible and has a great work ethic. She is professional and tries her best to assist the guests and make their stay a comfortable one . Anna is always ready for life changes and especially loves to travel. She would love to visit Egypt some day because of all the history of the region, the culture and of course, the pyramids!  Anna would like to help poor people and animals who have been abandoned.  She likes to meet new  people (she gets plenty of chances to meet all kinds of new people at Casa de Montaña!). She enjoys working with people who are happy and want to do a good job (she is working at the right place!).

Nicolas: Housekeeping/Maintenance

Our Staff: Nicolas

At Casa de Montaña, we are fortunate to have Nicolas come on board in May 2014. Nicolas was born in the town of Tolé and raised in Boquete. Nicolas came to us highly recommended through a former employee, Veronica, as they had worked together in the past.  Nicolas works quietly and expediently whether alone or with other team members. Nicolas has become a caretaker of the grounds and has been able to undertake maintenance duties as well. Nicolas dearly loves the weather here in Boquete and finds the town to be a tranquil town. Nicolas is striving to reach for better things in life such as building a house and opening a bank account. His kids are his passion in life. It’s very important to Nicolas that all of them get their studies and schooling done. Nicolas would love to someday open his own business as he has always wanted to manage a business of his own. He is an amazingly hard worker and is honest as the day is long. Nicolas would love to see the world and travel to many countries. His desire to help handicapped people is admirable and he volunteers at local non-profit agencies that help others in need. Nicolas enjoys his work here with us at Casa de Montaña and looks forward to seeing you and taking care of you while you are in Boquete.

Daves: Housekeeping/Maintenance

Daves was born in David and raised in Palmira, making him a true “Chiriquino”! He came to us through his wife (Ana’s) recommendation. Daves likes everything about Boquete and enjoys spending his time here. His goal in the following years is to travel to places he has never been to. One of his passions is soccer. He plays and watches soccer in his spare time. His greatest talent is to cook. The different International Breakfasts and the types of lunches we prepare for the employees, are of particular interest to him. Daves is kind, hardworking, and very passionate about all aspects of life. One day he would love to travel to Colombia. Daves would like to help the poor kids and people in general who are in need. He tries to do his best in making each guest’s stay comfortable at Casa de Montaña.

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