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Hello. My name is Ed Crupar. I and my lovely wife Nuriana are of like minds that come from different worlds. We met on January 24th, 2014 in Bocas del Toro, Panama and as time went on our romance grew into a wonderfully caring relationship for each other. We moved to Boquete, Panama in December of 2014 and shortly after opened Boquete Sandwich Shop, which is a restaurant that we still run today. On December 1st, 2016 we were married by the Notary in David, Panama in a small ceremony. We bring to you our unique experiences, our diverse upbringing, and a desire to make every effort to make your stay at Casa de Montaña a memorable experience!

Ed was born in The Bronx, New York. He grew up through his school years on Long Island in Baldwin, New York. In 1975, Ed moved to South Florida where he spent the next 38 years. While there Ed worked for 30 years as a career Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Tamarac Fire Department. After his retirement Ed started his Southbound migration and made his final destination and new home in Panama where he met and married his wife Nuriana.

Nuriana was born and raised on Isla Cristobal located in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago island chain along with her three sisters. Nuriana has spent many years working in the Hospitality Services industry and while her passion for customer service is second to none her cooking talents are beyond description. Nuriana brings much wisdom and experience to Casa de Montana.

Nuriana is presently enrolled in a University in David, Panama and is a forth year Law student. Once she graduates Nuriana’s vision is to be able to help people in need.

“The goal here is to give you what you need while you are taking time away from work – whether that is relaxing or sightseeing. We want to be a part of the most precious time of your life. We know that vacations and holidays do not come frequent enough, so when you come and spend your vacations with us, we will make both your breakfast and your bed! We are confident that you will have the best time ever!”

Ed and Nuriana are looking forward to meeting and getting acquainted with you and serving you. “Just give us a call and we can help take the worry out of your planning!”

Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast, 1 Year Anniversary!!!


Our Mission

We are committed to creating a space where all the comforts of home are available to you – your own sanctuary!  A place where you can get away from the stressors of your daily life.  Where you can laze around and read a book, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and breakfast in the morning and share in the laughter and conversation with others. A place where you can enjoy your solitude, meet up with old friends or create new ones. You can use our bed & breakfast as a home base to explore all the beauty and activities that Boquete has to offer. We would like your stay to be a memorable experience, where you feel rested, rejuvenated and keep coming back to create more memories.

Our Staff

Generoso: Office Manager

Our Assistant Office Manager, Generoso (pronounced “hen er o so”, means generous in English) has a name that matches his personality!  Generoso was born in David, Panama and raised in the different areas of the country. He came to us through our previous Assistant Office Manager, Pamela.

What Generoso likes the most about Boquete is the nature and tranquil environment. His passion in life is Martial Arts where he can clear his mind and relax. Generoso has the ability to learn and retain everything quickly.

Generoso has many goals planned, he stated that his main goal is related to Mix Martial Arts but still doesn’t want to reveal his ”secret”. He would love to help children who have no homes and can’t afford an proper education as well the ones that needs proper discipline to follow the proper path of life.

Generoso is an athlete and has traveled to many destinations. He previously worked as a deckhand on big yachts. He has a great joy in traveling and seeing the world. He would love to travel to Europe and Asia on his next trips. Generoso loves helping people out and is responsible and enjoyable to talk with!

Generoso loves the cross-cultural interactions at Casa de Montaña with the guests who come from many different countries from around the world. He likes to listen to the guests’ stories and discuss their experiences with them. He also loves learning new languages and trying to connect with everyone!

Generoso is an amazing addition to Casa de Montaña and we know that you will enjoy his energy and enthusiasm!


Megan: Cook/Housekeeping/Maintenance

Megan was born in David and raised in Boquete, making her a true “Chiricana”! She came to us through a friend’s recommendation.

Megan’s favorite thing in Boquete is the nice climate, followed by the good and warm people who lives in town and to meet new people with different cultures.

Her goal in the following years is to finish her college studies a long with learning English in the way. Her passion is to work and spend time with her son. She is an independent hard working mother with many aspirations in life, looking for a better future for her family and her.

One day she would love to travel to Perú. Megan would like to help elder people and people in general who are in need due to her big heart and Boquetenian roots. The one thing she likes the most of Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast is to learn new things everyday on different fields.


Itha: Front Desk

Itha was born and raised in Las Cumbres, Panama City. She likes to continue the amazing labor of helping poor kids with low resources to study and also to get them a better development physical and emotional, creating a positive vision in our citizens.

Her passion is her family and to work with any of the animals charity organizations describing their vision as a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty must be ended. One day not far away she would love to travel with her family to Egypt and Rome due to all the history, monuments and past events that can relate of the cultures, customs and traditions of the firsts civilizations.

Itha stated that the one thing she likes the most of Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast is the dedication of the staff in order to provide a good service to our guests, giving a pleasant and comfortable accommodation in Boquete, and the most important making an enjoyable stay.


Veronica: Cook/Housekeeping/Maintenance

Veronica was born in David and raised in Boquete. Veronica likes many things of Boquete but in between those things, one of the most important is the human warmth of their residents, then our nice weather, nature and mountainous landscapes. Actually, Veronica is studying an English Degree. Her goal in a short period is looking to become a professional and in exchange teach the new language learned to others.

Her passion  is to share every moment and every day with her sons and granddaughter.  She is an independent hard working mother with many aspirations in life. Veronica loves to serve and make others feel very good, she’s actually to us the mother figure in Casa de Montaña so having her here with us  provides a home like vibes in the house. She would like to travel to some USA cities and Canada as well to provide help to indigenous children who often can not be properly cared by their families.

What Veronica likes the most of Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast is that she enjoys to provide personalized attention to our guests and interact with them, doesn’t if they are foreigners or locals, She loves to always provide an excellent hospitality and personal disposition, making them feel comfortable and at home.


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