A Contrast of Boquete Before and Now

Blog by Omar Fuentes.

Boquete is one of the most famous places to visit nowadays in Panama. There are so many things to do here that you will want to stay here forever. But, how was Boquete like before it became so popular? Let’s share some history about this small town in the province of Chiriqui.

The meaning of Boquete is “hole or cavity” and was founded in 1911. Caldera River goes through the town and Volcan Baru is also part of this community.

Here are some pictures of was Boquete before and how is now:

Caldera River and its surrounding

Central Park

Bridge above the flower and coffee fair

Boquete Road




























Boquete Town

Flower and Coffee Fair


While Boquete is a small agricultural and retirement community, there is history and culture associated with it. Those who are looking for a slow-paced way of life will love this area. You can take a walk in the forest or enjoy a hike on the highest peak in the country. Stay with us at Casa de Montaña and we will provide you with all recommendations when visiting Boquete.

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