15 interesting facts about Panama.

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Panama’s population is relatively young. One-third of the people are under the age of 14, while just six percent are older than 64. Panama also has a surprisingly diverse population, the result of intact indigenous groups and steady immigration over the last 500 years. Its role as a commercial transit point played a huge part in this. People came (or in many cases, were brought) here to build the canal or railroad, and do business in the capital. The largest number of immigrants came from China and Africa, but there are substantial groups from India, the Middle East, Europe, Caribbean and North America. It’s tough to get a reliable estimate of the ethnic breakdown in Panama, but most reports put it at somewhere between 65-70 percent mestizo (mixed Amerindian and Caucasian), 8-10 percent Amerindian, and the rest with African or European ancestry.

Here are 15 interesting facts about Panama:

  1. Panama City, the nation’s capital and largest city, is the only capital city in the world that has a rain forest within its city limits.
  2. Panama celebrates two independence days, the first from Spain in 1821 and the second from Colombia 82 years later in 1903.
  3. Panama was the very first Latin American country to adopt the U.S. dollar as its official currency. Panama’s official currency is the balboa. One balboa is equal to one US dollar.
  4. Panama is located south of the hurricane alley, so it is rarely affected by tropical storms or hurricanes.
  5. Panama has more than 976 bird species, which is more than the United States and Canada combined.
  6. Panama grows some of the world’s finest coffee, which can be tasted at select coffee houses worldwide.
  7. Senator John McCain was born in Panama, in the Canal Zone which was at that time considered U.S. Territory.
  8. Panama contains the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic…from the same spot! At the country’s narrowest point, only 80 kilometers separates the Atlantic from the Pacific Ocean. 
  9. Panama is home to 10,000 different plants species, including 1,400 varieties of orchids, 678 ferns, and more than 1,500 varieties of trees.
  10. At 11,397 feet, the highest elevation in Panama is Volcán Barú, a volcano which is located near the town of Boquete.
  11. Panama has the most diversified wildlife of all the countries in Central America. It is home to North as well as South American species.
  12. The Panama Canal generates almost one-third of the entire country’s revenue.
  13. Panama has the second largest duty free zone in the world.
  14. Panama is tropical, but temperatures vary according to location and altitude. While Panama City, Colon and David are quite hot and humid, the mountain areas are spring-like climate all year long.
  15. “Tranquilo” is a word that you may come across while traveling in Panama. It means calm or peaceful and can be applied to a person, place or a situation. It’s also a good example of the Panamanian perception of time.

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