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Guests Graph

Where in the World are our Guests?!?!

blog by Joy Huppe Welcome, World Travelers! Casa de Montaña is pleased to invite you in. If you have stayed with us before, you may remember the large-scale map … [Read More...]


Driving in Panama – watch out for hefty fines and some cattle!

Blog by Joy Huppe Ah, the pleasure of driving… the wind in your hair, tunes on the radio, that feeling of freedom when seated behind the wheel with nothing but wide open … [Read More...]

USA Visa

Challenges (and possible solutions) in obtaining a visa to visit the U.S.A. from Panama

Blog by Andres Lay     A person who is planning to apply for a U.S. visa should consider the fact they might get it rejected. So why pay around $160 for a … [Read More...]